Quickly create compelling courses with your own content.
Increase training efficiency and reduce training costs.
Easily evaluate the impact of Cloud training on business success
Attractive easy to use features to
meet the needs of your organization
Create, Take and Administer courses using your desktop PC, Mobile phone, or Tablet device.
Our system is fully compatible with mobility devices such as iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices.
Save time and provide
more efficient training to employees with cloud based LMS.
Create and deploy courses quickly on multiple platforms.
Track the progress of your employees using different charts & reports.
Invite & notify employees when courses are ready for them to attempt.
View quiz results and deploy certificates to employees.

Aktiv Mind LMS Principles

At Aktiv Mind LMS, we have 3 basic principles that we use to govern our platform.

  1. To provide an easy to use platform that any person could use

  2. To allow our users access through a fast robust cloud network

  3. To help our clients lower their training costs by providing a high quality training platform.

We have thousands of clients who are using our easy to use platform across a multitude of devices. Sign up now for a 30 day risk free trial and contact us with any questions you may have.

We value the time and money incurred by businesses to train their employees, and thus we strive to provide the tools and platform necessary to effectively and efficiently solve this problem.

Our management team consists of industry specialists who have worked in large fortune 500 companies and have seen first hand how companies train their employees. We have gathered information on small and large businesses and have tweaked our platform to suit the needs of all types of organizations.

We have many new positions opening all the time. Please view our careers page for specific positions.

If you are part of the media or a potential investor and would like information on our company please contact us via the contact page.